Abano Terme is a special area in Italy, famous for its resorts with thermal pools. The balneological springs in this region and their healing power were already known to the ancient Romans. Today Abano Terme is a small town with a population of not more than 20 thousand people. But the number of tourists coming here for a health-improving vacation noticeably increases it. Healing springs can alleviate the condition of many diseases, therefore Abano Terme is the focus of all kinds of boarding houses and hotels where guests spend time with health benefits.

Abano Grand Hotel

One of the most luxurious hotels in the city, offering the highest quality service. Inside — grace, luxury, sophistication. This also applies to common areas and rooms for living. Antiques immediately attract the eye, this can only be seen in a museum — Venetian marble, old paintings, figurines and other little things that add a special polish to the overall picture.

Tourists who are accustomed to rest in the best hotels in the world stay here. Improving health while being in luxury and comfort is not available to everyone.

The hotel complex, in addition to the number of rooms, includes:

  • The mud baths,
  • Several swimming pools,
  • The healing center,
  • Thermal cave (a complex resembling a sauna, but using thermal water).

The hotel staff deserves special attention: the best doctors in the city work here.


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La Residence — hotel with thermal pool in Abano Terme

This is not just a hotel, but a real modern clinic, whose specialists are seriously involved in the rehabilitation of patients with the help of thermal water. Their techniques help to restore the motor functions of the body, return a person to their former vigor.

The uniqueness of the work of “La Residence & Idrokinesis” is a combination of traditional, long-known methods of rehabilitation with ultra-modern techniques, which consist in the use of pools filled with healing, thermal water.

Among the guests of the clinic are not only those who experience health problems. There are absolutely healthy citizens here, whose goal is prevention and improvement of the quality of life. The medical staff is equally attentive to both the first and second categories of guests.

Rehabilitation methods developed by local specialists are recognized as effective at the highest, scientific level. Doctors and other medical staff were trained in specialized institutions, so they know how not to harm the patient, but, on the contrary, to help him reborn to a new life.

La Residence – a resort with a thermal pool in Abano Terme

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Trieste & Victoria

Inside this wellness-oriented hotel, it is as if history has frozen. Antique furniture, old tapestries, collections of expensive paintings come across all around. The place is considered exclusive, roads, designed for a sophisticated audience. Not everyone can afford it, but if there is an opportunity, it is better to stay here.

The pride of the hotel is the spa center with thermal water, offering a wide range of health and beauty treatments. Women are simply delighted with what professional cosmetologists are doing there with their faces and bodies. You will not find a service that you could not provide here: the area of the spa center is simply huge, more than 3.5 thousand m2.

The hotel territory is extensive, has a personal park area for walking with a total area of more than 22 thousand m2. Catering is in progress — dishes prepared by local chefs are highly rated by guests.

Trieste & Victoria

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President — resort with thermal pool in Abano Terme

Atmospheric place a few meters from the central promenade, surrounded by a refined park area. It is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful and popular hotels in Albano Terme.

After the reconstruction, carried out in 2019, the hotel complex has become even more beautiful: the rooms and the thermal complex have been updated. The food is organized at the highest level — everyone in the city has heard about delicious dishes, a variety of snacks prepared by the local chefs. There is a separate restaurant with diet food.

Additional entertainment includes concerts in the evenings with live music, wine tasting, swimming in thermal pools.


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Panoramic Plaza

The convenient location of the hotel, practically in the center of the city, immediately attracts the attention of tourists. Here begins the pedestrian zone, where townspeople and visitors stroll in the evenings.

Panoramic Plaza offers panoramic views of the surroundings: the Euganean Hills and the Alps with the best ski resorts in Europe.

The hotel is open all year round. A chic park with an area of 2.5 m2 is laid out around it. On the territory there are several pools filled with thermal water.

Panoramic Plaza has a cardiology clinic. Here is one of the best mud baths in Abano Terme.

Panoramic – great hotel with thermal pool in Abano Terme

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