The hotels of the island of Sardinia are a combination of Sardinian hospitality with the comfort of living on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with fine sand and emerald waters. The Italian island of Sardinia is a tasty morsel for tourists. Nestled among the gentle waters of the Mediterranean, it is one of the best destinations on the planet for a relaxing break. There are no large cities with their frantic rhythm of life, flora and fauna are diverse, there are sights of historical and archaeological value.

An indisputable plus of Sardinia is its magnificent beaches. If you want a truly unforgettable vacation, tour operators advise you to pay attention to the category of hotels with private coastal areas for swimming and sunbathing. We have prepared for you a selection of excellent hotels with private beaches, and if you want to go on excursions to the magical island or see its sights on your own, then on Sardinia has a car rental with a 70% discount.

Abi D’Oru

This hotel is often chosen as a place of residence, and not only because of its five-star status. It is located in a picturesque place on the shores of the Marinella Bay. Tourists can admire the gorgeous views from the window to the lush vegetation of the gardens and sea waves all day long.

The premises are decorated in a restrained manner, not flashy, but inside everything is done for the convenience and comfort of the guests. Rooms have, depending on the category, a balcony or a small terrace.

Meals are provided by the hotel restaurant. Guests have the right to choose one of the meal options — breakfast only or breakfast and dinner. Travelers who have already had the experience of living at the Hotel Abi D’Oru advise the second option: the chefs in the restaurant cook masterfully.

A private white sand beach is located right next to the hotel. The rich list of additional services will pleasantly surprise you, including:

  • Spa services,
  • Animation for children and adults,
  • Swimming pool with hydromassage function,
  • Free shuttle to the nearest town and airport.
Abi D’Oru – hotel with private beach in Sardinia

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Colonna Resort

The territory of the hotel is impressive — it could accommodate 7 swimming pools, so the situation when all the places near artificial reservoirs are occupied is excluded. For those who prefer to swim in the sea, the establishment’s own beach, located along the picturesque cliffs, is very close.

Double and triple rooms with balconies are available for accommodation. It offers views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The buildings of the hotel are buried in the greenery of the gardens, under their shade it is pleasant to stroll and enjoy the coolness on a hot afternoon.

The local restaurant will delight you with the quality of Mediterranean cuisine: not only the taste, but also the presentation deserves attention. VIP service is possible — food delivery directly to the room.

The pride of the hotel is a modern spa complex, its specialists provide wellness treatments, and a fitness room.

Colonna Resort

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Cala di Volpe a Luxury Collection Hotel

The hotel is located near the Italian resort of Porto Cervo, in the Gulf of Cala di Volpe. His motto is maximum attention to every guest. The staff is extremely attentive to the guests, always ready to help.

A private beach is just a stone’s throw away. The path can be done on foot or by boat. For those with walking difficulties, there is a free shuttle to the coast, which runs there and back every half hour.

You can also swim on the territory of the hotel: there are several swimming pools, one of them with sea water. Near each of them there are cozy areas with sun loungers and umbrellas.

The hotel complex entertains guests with additional services:

  • A spa offering health and beauty treatments,
  • A state-of-the-art fitness center,
  • Several tennis courts with artificial turf.

The restaurant works smoothly, surprising with a variety of Mediterranean dishes. Comfortable rooms decorated with the participation of designers are available for accommodation.

Cala di Volpe

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Capo Testa — hotel by the sea in Sardinia

The hotel is decorated in the national Sardinian style — this is its highlight. The area is replete with green spaces, between which tourists splash in two swimming pools. Each pool has a hydromassage area and artificial waterfalls.

The hotel’s own beach is located in the bay, in the picturesque village of Capo Testa, which is the northernmost part of the island of Sardinia. All around there is white sand sparkling in the sun and a calm sea surface.

Catering is a restaurant serving buffet breakfasts. Here you can also dine, have lunch, choosing your favorite Mediterranean dishes from the menu.

Capo Testa

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Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna

The beach at the hotel is one of the best in Italy: no algae or stones in the water, only sand. In addition, this place is remote from other hotels, cities and towns. Quiet, secluded relaxation guaranteed.

Guest rooms are spacious, not distinguished by chic furnishings, but thought out to the smallest detail. A tourist has the right to choose a more expensive or, conversely, a cheaper room for living. This will not affect the quality of service: the staff is extremely attentive to any category of guests.

Additional services provided by the hotel:

  • Free internet access,
  • Airport transfers,
  • Swimming pool with seating area,
  • Bar,
Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna

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La Villa del Re — Adults Only

The hotel cannot boast of a large territory, but inside there is everything for a comfortable pastime. Mostly Europeans who do not belong to the category of young people rest here.

Swimming is possible both in the sea, on the shore of which the hotel’s private beach is located, and in an artificial pool. Rooms available for accommodation are categorized as “standard” and “junior suite”. Most of them face the sea. Inside there is a luxurious, sometimes even aristocratic setting. Service is top notch.

Restaurants and bars, working at the hotel, prepare excellent food, offer exquisite, expensive drinks. The reviews of hotel guests are completely positive: this is really a place where you can relax, albeit expensive, but very high quality.

La Villa del Re

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Hotel Corte Bianca — Bovis Hotels

The hotel is favorably perceived by tourists after a quick inspection. It is located in a green area, tropical plants are ubiquitous, two pools with turquoise water and adjacent recreation areas beckon to plunge.

Vacationers live in miniature houses stylized as bungalows. The rooms are equipped with terraces, each with a pleasant surprise in the form of a jacuzzi. Inside there are comfortable upholstered furniture and everything you need for hygiene and pleasant summer evenings.

All meals are served at a local restaurant specializing in Sardinian dishes. Sports enthusiasts will be delighted with the tennis court available. In addition to the above, the service is presented:

  • Free Wi-Fi in all public areas,
  • Possibility to book a guided tour of any of Sardinia’s attractions,
  • Evening entertainment,
  • Fascinating sports for guests.

The hotel has its own beach, which is closed to outsiders. The coastal cover is small-pebble. If such a place does not suit tourists, you can visit the nearby public beaches, which are only a few hundred meters away.

Corte Bianca

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Hotel Club Saraceno — Bovis Hotels

Despite the 4 stars, this hotel is popular even more than its 5-star fellows. Tourists always give preference to this hotel complex, leaving rave reviews of the days spent here.

One of the undoubted advantages is the gorgeous sandy beach owned by the hotel. Everything here is equipped for a comfortable sunbathing, and in the evenings the dark coast turns into a cinema.

The design of the rooms is pleasantly surprising — it is bright, festive, and makes you feel positive. The windows offer a pleasant view of the green spaces and the waters of the bay. The hotel is suitable for children’s recreation: animators are constantly working on the territory, offering new entertainment every day. Adults can book boat trips or go sightseeing.

Catering — in the form of a “buffet”. It is possible to order only breakfast, or lunch and dinner. There is a bar serving light snacks and drinks.


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El Faro — seaside resort in Sardinia

The hotel is based in the famous resort of Porto Corte. The hotel has its own beach, but quite specific, and not all tourists will like it. Due to the rocky coast, the entrance to the water is from a pontoon. But there is an alternative way to swim in comfort — in the large pool on the territory of the hotel.

Pros of staying at El Faro Hotel & Spa — an excellent spa salon, pleasing with an abundance of pleasant procedures, as well as designer decoration of rooms and gorgeous views from the windows. For nature lovers, a separate surprise: in the immediate vicinity there is a unique national park where you can get acquainted with the habits of local animals, admire exotic vegetation.

El Faro resort with direct access to the beach in Sardinia

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Hotel La Bitta — Bovis Hotels

The sea is located in close proximity to the hotel complex. The coast is uneven: there are rocky areas, there are completely opposite ones — comfortable, with a gentle entrance to the water. For those unsatisfied with the private beach, there are alternative, public recreation and bathing areas within walking distance.

Meals are provided by the hotel restaurant. In the morning, the menu includes obligatory pastries. There is also a bar famous for delicious drinks. Meals are served in a buffet style. Guests can make use of the on-site spa and wellness center.

Nearby is the famous seaport in the whole of Sardinia — the city of Arbatax. It is an interesting place and a transit point for many travelers.

La Bitta

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