Holidays in Cyprus are becoming more and more popular every year, especially for families with children. The number of hotels is growing, striving to attract tourists of all ages and social status. Choosing a place to stay is in fact the most difficult task for a tourist. The wrong hotel can ruin a long-awaited vacation.

The hotel is especially carefully selected by families going on vacation with children. If adults have enough beach and sea and cheap flights to Europe to feel the satisfaction of their vacation, kids need much more fun. Some of the hotels in Cyprus are focused specifically on family vacations. These include both luxury hotels and options for guests on a modest budget.

Four Seasons Hotel — Cyprus’ Best Family Resorts

It is one of the best hotels in Cyprus for families with children — this is evidenced by the rave reviews of tourists. On the vast territory, everything is arranged so that both the smallest and the oldest ones feel comfortable: there are wide walking paths for mothers with strollers, safe children’s water slides, presented in several variations. In the evenings, all kinds of performances are arranged, among the daytime entertainment — an ice cream treat, a delicacy that is to the taste of both adults and children. In short, the service at Four Seasons is organized at the highest level. You will not want to leave here, but having left, you will be tempted to return. Five stars flaunt next to the name of the hotel is well deserved.

Four Seasons Cyprus

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Olympic Lagoon Resort, Paphos

The hotel operates according to the favorite “all-inclusive” system. And this concept includes, among other things, daily work with children of all ages. Stepping into the territory of the hotel, parents can completely abstract themselves from all worries related to the entertainment and development of the kids — this will be done by the staff of the children’s club.

A water entertainment system has been developed especially for young guests: for the little ones — a pool filled with a minimal, safe amount of water, for older guests — breathtaking water slides, the descent from which will take your breath away.

The menu includes fruits, sweet desserts and other surprises especially for children.

Olympic Lagoon – the best resorts in Cyprus for families with children

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Coral Beach Hotel & Resort Cyprus

This five-star hotel will allow parents to relax and children will not have time to learn what boredom is. While the former sunbathe by the pool, plunge into the sea, enjoy the long-awaited vacation, the latter have fun and actively spend time with the staff of the children’s club. At the disposal of young tourists there are bright inflatable trampolines, water slides, the descent along which will cause a storm of genuine emotions.

The hotel offers an all-inclusive vacation. During the meal, the restaurant staff will offer guests with small children, for greater convenience, to use special high chairs. On the territory there are conditions for mothers walking with strollers. A comfortable, wide path leads to the beach. Among the evening entertainment there are funny children’s discos.

Coral Beach

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Adams Beach Hotel — Cyprus resorts for families with children

The presence of five stars at the hotel obliges it to a lot. Not all hotels can cope, but “Adams Beach Hotel” is always popular among tourists, the flow of travelers here does not dry out — on the contrary, it only increases every year. Especially when it comes to couples traveling with children.

Partly, the point is in the convenient location of the hotel: in the immediate vicinity there is a large water park and an ultra-modern amusement park. This greatly facilitates the task of entertaining young tourists. But the territory of the hotel does not lag behind: several slides are installed in the pools, suitable for active children’s games. Therefore, the little ones have something to do while their parents are sunbathing and swimming in the sea. The hotel has its own sandy beach. The staff is distinguished by courtesy, competence, and the ability to serve guests at the highest level. There will be no problems with how and what to feed the child: the menu includes dishes for children of different age categories.

Adams Beach

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Louis Imperial Beach

Despite the fact that the hotel has only 4 stars, in reality it does not lose so much to the fashionable “fives”. And some of the findings of the administration related to the organization of children’s leisure will be appreciated not only by the children themselves, but also by their parents.

For example, a children’s pool, in addition to the slide installed inside, is strewn with inflatable toys from the inside. This will immediately attract the attention of the kids, and will keep them playing for a long time. Parents do not have to constantly carry the items of children’s leisure with them everywhere: new original amusements will make the child forget about old hobbies.

On the beach at the hotel for safety: stone breakwaters are installed, making swimming safe. There will be definitely not big waves knocking down here under any circumstances. As for the menu, even little ones will not be able to resist the variety of dishes presented in it. Especially if the all-inclusive system is chosen when staying at the hotel.

Louis Imperial are the best family vacation spots in Cyprus

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Olympic Lagoon Resort Ayia Napa

What Olympic Lagoon Resort offers to families with children is beyond praise. There is entertainment for children over 3 years old, and there are also special services provided for those who have not yet reached this age.

The hotel has a children’s room, where specially trained staff perform the functions of caring nannies for the little ones. Leaving her child here, a mom can forget about everyday worries for a while, and feel completely free to relax.

Older children can splash in the pools under the supervision of adults, spend time on a modern equipped playground. If you want a more productive holiday for a child, welcome to children’s mini-clubs: here, curious young tourists will be offered entertaining group games and educational activities.

Olympic Lagoon

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Golden Coast Beach Hotel

Once on the territory of the hotel, tourists can spend all their vacation here, since there is no need to look for any entertainment outside of it. It has everything you need to spend your time comfortably and profitably, including a host of activities for children.

Professional animators set a goal not only to keep the kids busy for a couple of hours, but also to make them friends. The child, for sure, will have a large number of new acquaintances in the first few days of rest.

In the evening, children have the same program as adults — a disco. During the day, you can spend time as you please: in the children’s club for developmental activities, in the pool, taking water procedures and sliding down the slides, on the playground, soaring up on the swing.

Meals at the hotel are available on an “all inclusive” basis. In this case, the menu will be varied, including children’s meals. The entrance to the restaurant is equipped with ramps specially for mothers with strollers. During feeding, babies are given special chairs.

Golden Coast Beach

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Louis Phaethon Beach — All Inclusive

Three stars of a hotel are not an indicator of poor quality of rest or service. Proof of this is Louis Phaethon Beach. Families with children come here every year and leave good reviews about the time spent within the walls of the hotel.

The hotel is located in a place surrounded on all sides by flowering gardens. Inside, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, so you don’t have to worry about comfort: special recreation areas have been created for both children and adults.

The territory has its own water park with slides of all types of difficulty. But parents shouldn’t worry, even if the children go there alone. The rescue team will not allow the child to climb the dangerous slide and will help if something goes wrong. From morning to evening, a team of professional animators is working to keep the kids busy, not to get bored. Entertainment programs are not repeated, so the feeling of a holiday will not leave the little ones during the whole vacation.

Louis Phaethon Beach

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Electra Holiday Village Water Park Resort

Tourists who are going to Cyprus with children do not hesitate to choose Electra Holiday Village because of its convenient location. There is a children’s amusement park right next to it. Therefore, if you get bored within the walls of the hotel, there will be a place to gain additional impressions.

But the territory of the hotel itself is arranged so that travelers of all ages have something to do during their holidays. There is a full-fledged water park with a wide selection of slides. The entrance to the water park for hotel guests is completely free, inside there is a full range of entertainment not only for young travelers, but also for their parents.

The hotel menu will delight you: among the offered dishes there is the favorite delicacy of children, which is snapped up in great demand in summer — ice cream.

Electra Holiday Village

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Lapta Holiday Club Hotel

Those tourists who, while traveling, are accustomed to economically spending financial resources, going to Cyprus, may well take a closer look at the Lapta Holiday Club Hotel. Despite the small number of stars, even travelers accompanied by children will feel great here.

A definite plus for vacationers with children is the availability of a swimming pool and its own water park on the territory of the hotel. There is no better entertainment for children than roller coaster rides. The afternoon snack at the Lapta Holiday Club Hotel has its own flavor: guests receive oriental sweets as a gift.

Lapta Holiday Club

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